This is one of our exciting aesthetic procedures and can improve your smile and appearance dramatically. Everyone enjoys a beautiful, healthy looking smile! During teeth whitening, we make use of the Britesmile Chairside procedure, which takes one hour to complete. During the procedure the teeth are cleaned and isolated to prevent damage to the gums. The bleaching material is applied to the teeth and light is used to enhance the effect of the product. The procedure is repeated and the product is removed once completed. This is the best product we can offer and it will definitely improve the appearance of your teeth.


The Britesmile teeth whitening procedure has been available in South Africa for more than 10 years and is used worldwide. The procedure is very safe, as only trained dentists are allowed to perform the procedure. It has a 15 percent peroxide content – much lower than that of other light activated procedures.

We start the teeth whitening procedure by examining the teeth and gums for good health. (Please note that crowns and fillings do not respond to the whitening and may need replacement after bleaching). Next, the whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and the Britesmile light will be positioned over the teeth to activate the gel. The procedure lasts for about an hour.

Britesmile has achieved 9+ shades whiter on average in clinical studies. The end result of this teeth whitening procedure depends on the patient’s starting point; we can promise that you will notice a dramatic difference. In more difficult cases, we may need to extend the procedure for more than an hour. The results may last for up to three years, but if you use the maintenance kit, it may last longer. Longevity is patient dependant; smoking, red wine, coffee, tea and other dark fluids can interfere with the results.

Britesmile will not damage or weaken your teeth or fillings. The primary ingredient in the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide, which has been used for many years to whiten teeth. Generally, the procedure is painless. Some patients may experience minor tooth ache after the procedure, but we’ll combat this with a painkiller such as Myprodol or Mypaid. Avoid very hot and very cold drinks for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

We do not recommend the Britesmile procedure for any person under the age of 14.

For more information on Britesmile, please visit their website at  www.britesmile.co.za.

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